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This is Pavel Janda's Personal Home Page. You can find some information about me on these pages and above all a photo gallery with photos from various parties and trips, links to interesting web sites related to aikido, taekwondo or Ireland and also some of my web or desktop applications.

Something about me

I was born in a small village called Rokytno in the Czech Republic about 29 years ago. After I finished the Secondary Electrotechnical School in Pardubice, where I studied a computer science and cybernetics, I started my studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague, faculty of Electrical Engineering, and graduated there in 2004.

About six monhts before I graduated, my friends Ondra and Letyn and I decided to go working abroad, specifically to Ireland. Therefore we went to a language school for about four monhts after we finished the university and left to Ireland in March 2005. I have been there since then. How we have been doing in Ireland can be found in our diary and can be seen in Letyn's photo gallery (there are also other photos from parties and trips which I took part in Smile). The photo gallery has been moved to my server newly since 2006 as Letyn went back home to the Czech Republic.

I work in Dublin as a GIS developer and consultant in a small company called Compass Informatics. I also used to go to a language school and took the FCE exam in March 2006.

I spent whole summer 2006 on the southern hemisphere in the land of kangaroos and crocodiles. I got a four months' leave from my boss and together with Kuře, Smejki and Kukin set out for a journey throughout Australia and New Zealand. Again, I tried to write a diary about our journey and there are going to be photos in my photo gallery in the close future.

At the beginning of 2009 I went travelling again, this time to Brazil. My friends Paul and Carmen were getting married and Carmen asked me to be her godfather. I stayed in Brazil for a month in total and travelled all over it. I will put the pictures to my photo gallery in time.

My hobbies

I have been training aikido for over eight years now and became a 1st dan holder in summer 2007. I started with aikido as a student at the university and managed to keep training in Ireland as well. Moreover I have been training Taekwondo since January 2007 and at the moment I am a 3rd kup holder (blue belt red tip). Apart from martial arts I like also other sports (swimming, cycling etc.), travelling (around Ireland and everywhere in the world) and being outside cities somewhere in countryside.